The Red Scarlet

Now that I have access to a full computer, I thought I’d give the full write up on the Scarlet, but I still gotta make it quick (I’ll have a comparison of the Scarlet, C300, and rumored HDSLR Canon Cinema camera in the next couple of weeks)

So Here’s a rundown

Postives (Basically a spec list)


Mysterium-X S35 (Same as Epic) Sensor

5K stills

4K motion (Check out the post here for all the options for HDRx, Rez, and Compressions

55 MB/s data Redcode Raw (note, this is not Mb, but MB, HUUUGE difference. Mb equivalent is 440 Mb/s)

Prices range of $9,750 (body and canon mount) to about $15,515 (full package with Titanium PL mount). Just check for all options

Oh, and it’s upgradable for (yaknow, for that Dragon Sensor Business)


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