UPDATED AGAIN: Aaton Penelope Delta Details

UPDATE 2: Cinescopophelia has the full scoop on what’s going down with Aaton (in the long and short, getting bought out, Delta had sensor issues on mass production, going forward with a new audio recorder and a new, less expensve presumably,  digital, documentary style camera http://cinescopophilia.com/jean-pierre-beauviala-outlines-the-future-for-aaton/

UPDATE: Looks like aaton is unfortunately going out of business (at least, probably) which means we probably won’t get to  see the Aaton Penelope Delta out in the wild, which is a shame because it was one of teh most exciting cameras to hit the market. Hit the linnk for more info http://cinescopophilia.com/have-aaton-have-gone-out-of-business/

There are few cameras I’m as excited to see and hopefully use as teh Aaton Penelope Delta and now Mitch Gross of Abel Cine has a really nice breakdown of Aaton cameras and specifically the features of teh Aaton Penelope Delta. Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “UPDATED AGAIN: Aaton Penelope Delta Details

    • Such a shame that the camera never got a chance to get off the ground. those images are amazing. Kinda like Alexa but the Grading makes it look like a mix between sony and alexa. I’d like to see it graded with a more filmic feel. little less vibrant. But I can totally see the potential this camera had

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